Alpaca Rugs

Soft, Luxurious Alpaca Rugs for Beautiful Warmth

Alpaca rugs are made from alpacas that are raised for their warm, beautiful, soft wool. Alpaca are native to the Andes Mountains but these days, the animals are now being imported and raised in the United States.

Because Alpaca wool is so special, the animals are never killed for their pelts to make area rugs. The only pelts and hides available come from Alpacas who fall victim to the harsh weather in the Andes. This makes it easier for many animal lovers to own Alpaca skin rugs.

Although Alpaca wool is very warm and heat-trapping, the rugs made from their skin are very light. These rugs are much more fragile than sheepskin rugs and are often used as wall decoration or only placed in low-traffic areas.

Because the rugs are more delicate, greater care is required. These rugs should never be beaten outside. You can use a carpet brush or comb to get out debris, and the rugs can be lightly vacuumed. An alpaca rug should never be machine washed. If there is a need to spot clean a rug, make sure you donŐt use too much water as it can damage the hide. The rugs can also be professionally cleaned by dry cleaners who are experienced with more delicate rugs such as zebra or bear. With proper care, your beautifully soft Alpaca rug can last a lifetime.

An Alpaca rug is more rare and therefore more expensive than a sheepskin rug. If none are available in your area, the best prices and quality can be easily found online.

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