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Buy an 828 Rug for International Flair

When you buy an 828 rug, one thing you'll know for certain is that the rug will be imported from someplace exotic. Jim Clardy started 828 International Trading Company after he went on a humanitarian trip to Moldavia. He was so impressed with their rug craftsmanship that he decided to get into the rug importation business. He founded 828 back in 1993. Now, 828 includes 22 collections of rugs coming out of Belgium, New Zealand, Turkey, India, Scotland, and England.

Picking any one 828 area rug will be a difficult task as there are so many to choose from the 22 collections. 828 area rugs are made out of wool or polypropylene, with a few collections using cotton. Depending on where they come from, 828 International Trading Company's rugs are either power loomed, hand-knotted, hand-hooked, or hand-tufted. You'll find the whole range of value and luxury in rugs by 828 as some use wool while others use polypropylene. Likewise, some are machine made while others and hand made.

Most of 828's rugs are formal, looking perfect in your dining room or living room. The Founders rug Collection and Grand Trunk Road rug collection are both excellent examples of what sets 828 apart from its competition. If you can't afford hand knotted rugs, you can still benefit from 828's beautiful designs with any of their Royal rug collections: royal Beijing, royal elegance, royal gems, royal millennium, or royal treasures.

Two collections that are more fun than formal are the Accents and the Cabana Joe rug collections. Accents features cotton rugs hooked in China that would work perfectly in a day room or a large kitchen. These rugs feature whimsical designs such as jumping frogs, roosters, and underwater scenes. Cabana Joe rugs focus on fun tropical and nautical themes. You'll find plenty of palm fronds and floral motifs in this rug collection.

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